Vapor Moisture Permeable Housewrap

vapor moisture permeable housewrap 1.Product overview Type: Roofing and Waterproofing Material: PP Products Weight: 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 160G/M2, OEM Roll Size: 1.5m X 50m Waterproof: Class W1 Vapor Permeability: >2250G/M2/24h SD-Value: 0.02m UV Resistant: >3month Certificate: CE...

Product Details

vapor moisture permeable housewrap

1.Product overview

Type: Roofing and Waterproofing 

Material: PP 

Products Weight: 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 160G/M2, OEM 

Roll Size: 1.5m X 50m 

Waterproof: Class W1 

Vapor Permeability: >2250G/M2/24h 

SD-Value: 0.02m 

UV Resistant: >3month 

Certificate: CE

2.product description

Housewraps is kind of air infiltration barriers, which can reduce air infiltration and improve energy performance. Housewrap can operate as air infiltration barrier while not forming an impervious vapor barrier. When housewraps are placed over the exterior surface of the wall sheathing, moisture vapor can escape from the frame wall cavity while reducing convective air movement in the insulation, thereby maintaining the composite R-value of the wall. The greater the exterior air movement, the greater the benefit.

Housewrap can be divided into two basic categories: perforated and nonperforated. Perforated products are either woven polyethylene, woven polypropylene, spun bonded polypropylene, or laminated polypropylene film. Compared with nonperforated wraps, these materials are more impervious to moisture vapor migration, and their "micro-perforations" allow vapor migration and diminish their vapor retarding properties.All the perforated housewraps, except the polyethylene films, are further coated with either polyethylene orpolypropylene for added air infiltration resistance.

In contrast, nonperforated housewraps are either spun bonded polyethylene or fiber-mesh-reinforced polyolefin. Water vapor can pass through these materials, while air infiltration is inhibited.

In addition to air leakage resistance, permeance, and moisture resistance, UV resistance and strength should also be considered. UV exposure time can range from 120 days to more than 1 year. We can add antioxidants and UV stabilizers to the housewraps. However, the housewrap should be covered as quickly as possible to avoid UV degradation, also other unrelated damage to the membrane can be avoided.

Strength of the housewrap is an important factor to consider as wind conditions or adverse jobsite handling can tear or puncture the material during and after installation. The strengths of housewrap can be judged on three levels: 

tensile strength, 

tea rstrength, and 

burst strength.

These are the material's ability to withstand damage from pulling and stretching; withstand tearing at nail and staple locations, and separation of material fibers, fabrics, or films. 

In northern heating climates, where interior vapor barriers are the norm, a highly moisture vapor permeable housewrap may be required. In hot ,humid, cooling climates, where an interior vapor barrier is not required, a housewrap with a low air leakage rate may be preferred. In low-wind environments, a low-strength material may be selected. 

Specification of our housewraps:

1, Standard : EN13859-1 (CE mark optional)

2, Weight: 80g, 90g, 100g, 115g, 120g, 135g, 140g, 160g, 180g/m2.

3, water resistance: calss W1 (water column ≥1500mm)

4, breathability: ≥2250g/m2/24h (SD-value 0.02m)

5, UV resistance: ≥3 months

6, Roll width: 1.5m

7, Roll length: 50m

8, Packing: each roll with PE bag or PVC shrink wrap film.

9, Loading: with pallets packing or bulk loading.

Key Features of Breathable Membrane:

CE certificated, high quality with competitive price

Waterproof & vapor permeable

High breathability

3-layer laminate (PP+PE+PP)

Anti-UV stable; anti-aging stable

Excellent tensile and nail tear strength

Good flexibility and ductility

Light weight and thin, slip-resistant surface

Simple handling and easy to use

Energy saving

Long term durability

Use as roofing underlayment or housewrap

For further information about Zhengbang's waterproof housewrap, please contact us at the bottom of this page. At Zhengbang Plastic, you can actually pick any colors and weight when you order.

3. packing and delivery

Standard rolls, Plastic or Paper Packing.

4. our service

We can print your logos onto the housewrap.

We can offer you housewraps that are the most popular in your market, so that we can help you expand your market share.

We can design new packing for you.

We have documents expert with more than 10 years’ experience in international trade documents and shipping business, so we can provide premium shipping service from warehouse to warehouse and make sure that every cent you spend is worthwhile.

We have advanced and comprehensive testing equipment to ensure the stable quality.

5. company info

ZhengBang is a company specialized in woven PP and PE fabrics and tarpaulin research, development and manufacturing. It covers an area of 35 thousand square meters, and employs more than 200 dedicated staff who will set you assured and comfortable with its differentiated service .It is equipped with more than 100 sets of state-of-the-art production equipment, which forms a complete series of production line, including 2 extruders,44 weaving looms,1 laminator and 1 fabrication line. The monthly production capacity is 500 tons. 

For business inquiries and opportunities, please contact Victoria, Director of Marketing at 0086 15866928899 (whatsapp/wechat) or email: .She is available for service 7x24.

6. Zhengbang Frequently Asked Questions

Can you supply tarpaulins with specified size and weight?

Yes. We can manufacture with particular sizes and weight, but your order should be at least 10 ton, otherwise there will be too much waste in lamination. Our lead time is generally 1 month upon receiving your deposit, and minimum quantities will apply; please contact us for details. For immediate requirements, we can supply you with ready-made tarps in very rare occasions.

Why is there a seam on my cover?

There are seams on most tarps as in most cases only 1 piece without welding other pieces can hardly fabricate a tarpaulin of specified sizes. On some of the smaller tarps with sizes of 1 direction less than the width of woven fabric rolls, a seam may not be necessary. 

Do you offer a guarantee to the lifespan of your tarpaulins?

No. Because tarpaulins are subject to different weather and put to so many different applications, the length of time can’t be guaranteed. Generally speaking, a heavier grade tarpaulin and/or tarpaulin with UV stabilizer may last longer than an economy grade tarp. 

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by wear and tear, or degradation through UV. Please also bear in mind that eyelets can come under a lot of pressure, and so any stress points should be reinforced. Even for heavy duty tarps, no guarantee is given to the eyelets. Please also avoid any sharp edges and constant friction, because this can reduce the lifespan of your tarps.

What intervals are the eyelets? Can I have smaller intervals?

Eyelets are on all 4 sides and spaced all around the hemmed edges with about 1 meter interval, or 1 feet or as per customer specification. However the cost might be a little higher if you want smaller intervals.

How long can I receive my order?

Generally standard orders of 1x40’ container are up to 5-7 working days to load the containers from date of order, but since there are also other orders, you may have to wait, and the general lead time is about 1 month. 

Are your tarpaulins guaranteed?

Yes, all our products are frequently tested in the process of production, and are guaranteed to be free from defect at the time of purchase. Therefore if your tarp has a defect due to a manufacturing fault, please report such problems to us with a digital photograph of the fault However, we will not accept any responsibility for the misuse of our tarps for warranty claims.

The tarpaulin I received is shorter than the size stated.

There are cut size and finished size in tarpaulin industry. Cut size is the industry’s standard way to manufacture tarps. When you lay an order of tarpaulins, e.g., 4m x 5m, we cut the woven fabrics rolls into 4m x 5m cloth, with many pieces combined, and that is the cut size. This material is then made into a tarpaulin. However, in the process of making the hems you will have to fold about 5 cm on each side, and every time when welding two pieces together another 5 cm will be consumed, and that makes the finished size at least 10 cm shorter than cut size.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept TT and LC payment. The payment is usually 30% deposit and balance at sight of B/L.

Zhengbang Plastic Products Co. Ltd.

Add: Industrial Park of XinJi Town,Yinan County,Linyi City,Shandong,China




Zhengbang Plastic offers low prices, high quality poly tarps and laminated woven fabrics and great services. To get a price quote, simply call or e-mail us your poly tarp needs.

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Zhengbang Plastic custom manufactures all aluminum foil laminated woven fabric – different weight, color, size available.

Zhengbang Plastic sells by 20 or 40 foot shipping containers only. An order may have mixed sizes.

If you're looking for the high quality vapor moisture permeable housewrap made in China, welcome to consult the price list and the quotation with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you excellent service and fast delivery.


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