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Ground Cover Strong Scalability

Jul 03, 2017

Ground Cover Ornamental plant refers to the flowering of long, colorful low plants, its effect is outstanding, called "My Garden flower clothes." The flower is planted when the plant is fastidious the sideline smooth, the ground is dense full, does not reveal the earth to be good. Today, "Park Bao" to introduce some commonly used flowers and plants.

The ground is the plant species which is closely and low, which is used to cover the ground without weeds and to form a certain garden landscape. Most of these plants have low growth, strong expansibility, high control height in 30 or slightly higher, have the ground use value or have ornamental value. They are more flexible than lawn applications, and can be used in lieu of lawn growth in areas where bad soil, Ground Cover dense shade of trees, and exposure to loess.

At the same time, a wide variety of flowers, Ground Cover can be widely selected, it includes not only perennial low herbs, but also some of the more adaptable low, creeping shrubs and vines. They can not only increase the plant level, enrich the landscape, but also adaptability and resistance is very strong, can be extensive management. It can prevent the soil from scouring, reducing or inhibiting the growth of weeds, as well as purifying the air, reducing the temperature, reducing the terrestrial radiation and other ecological effects. The growing importance of the plant in the forest greening is an indispensable part of the landscape.


In the collocation of arbor, shrub and herb multilayer plants, the seasonal variation of plant level can form an appealing combination. The ecological benefit of arbor, Ground Cover shrub and herb structure is better than that of arbor, shrub Layer Two and arbor structure.

Plant plants that are planted in a certain proportion can be composed of stable, beautiful and neat communities. In particular, many plants have a bright flower fruit, colorful leaves, can create multi-level, many colors, many seasons, more texture of the landscape, half rich garden plant landscape configuration, can significantly improve the greening effect.

The plant is a perennial low plant, adaptable, including creeping shrubs and vines, with foliage or ornamental flowers and green and landscaping functions, its selection criteria are as follows 4 points.

Shan Plant Low: often divided into 30cm, 50cm, Ground Cover 70cm and so on several, generally not more than 100cm.

Shan Green leaf period is longer: plant bundle can cover the ground, have certain protective effect.

Strong growth of Shan: Easy reproduction and strong expansion

Shan adaptable: Drought-resistant, pest-resistant and barren-resistant, easy to manage extensively.

Shan is a flower. To one or two years of flowers, perennial and ball root flowers. Often choose long flowering, flowering luxuriant, strong expansion, rapid propagation, Ground Cover simple cultivation, management of extensive types. such as February orchid, black-hearted chrysanthemum, Jinji chrysanthemum, purple yedoensis, Flower ling grass, stone garlic, tulips, chamomile and other plants.

Shan foliage. have special leaf color and Ye Shi, can be used for people to appreciate, often choose the leaf color rich, view leaf period longer plant. such as bee-fighting dishes, octagonal gold plate, Fibaizuch, Red Shin, fern, Jade belt grass, Phnom Penh wide Hayama, purple clover, Ground Cover Big Wu wind grass, pod fern and other plants.

Shan is often green. Evergreen plants are called evergreen plants. This type of plant has no clear period of dormancy, usually in the spring alternately change leaves. North cold areas often adopt evergreen coniferous plants and a small number of cold hardiness of evergreen broad-leaved plants, such as paving the cypress, the species, rich grass, ivy and so on. Most of the south of the area can be used in the evergreen is very rich, such as the spread of gold coral along the grass, flowers, Changchun luo-stone, flowers, Ground Cover such as ivy.

Shan deciduous. Autumn Winter, the ground part of the withered leaves, the next year can germinate growth of the plant. such as the lily, Jade, the bride, iris, etc., suitable for planting large-scale landscape. This kind of plant is often used in most areas of the north, which is rich in both foliage, flower and fruit plants.