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Ground Cover Sustainable Development

Jul 03, 2017

In recent years, in the selection of terrestrial plants and garden applications, there have been abuse and unconventional phenomenon, from the application of ground cover plants are increasingly farther. Ground Cover Therefore, in the application of terrestrial plants, Ground Cover we should pay attention to the rational choice of plants, to prevent the emergence of anti-ecological, anti-natural practices, in order to benefit from the plant industry health and sustainable development.

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First of all, most of the gardening varieties of full-light conditions, or poor growth, and mosaic traits will be gradually lost. In the current popular summer high temperature and drought in urban green space, the next summer watering management is relatively difficult, so some leaves larger, Ground Cover thin leaves of the leaves, the transpiration of strong, fast water loss, easy to cause leaves dry coke, even if In the forest edge, sparse forest configuration may also cause burning phenomenon, such as mosaic Hosta, mosaic fennel flowers, mosaic bones and so on.

Second, in the summer high temperature and rainy Jiangnan area, especially the rainy season, plants tend to grow performance is not ideal, the environment is too wet easily lead to rot, leaves dry, leaves rotten after the group landscape effect is poor, such as golden leaf crossing yellow, Ground Cover Bones grass, silver incense, cotton and so on. In addition, although some of the color leaves of the plant in the local area configuration to form a good landscape effect, but not suitable for large area planting, such as moss leaves, purple leaf rustic, mosaic American mint and so on.

More importantly, the color leaves of the ground can be planted to show off the beautiful plant landscape effect, but if applied too much, it is inevitable too fancy, Ground Cover easy to cause visual fatigue. With the return of people's green ideas, the future will pay more attention to the natural green, it should be carefully selected color leafy plants, especially in large areas for the use of garden land.


For the development of ground-based plants, Ground Cover the development trend of light, we advocate should be a large number of applications of flowers and plants to be planted, such as perennial beauty Sakura, perennial natural chrysanthemum, beautiful evening primrose, summer summer bamboo, to Nim, Butterfly flower, Iris, Bletilla striata, Chinese Wedelia, inula, rock cabbage, snake and so on. We should fully consider the plant species and varieties of ecological habits, growth adaptability and ornamental value characteristics, Ground Cover in order to achieve the best landscape effect.

Return to the local character of China to cross the cold, warm, hot three, garden plant resources are rich and colorful, only more than 25,000 kinds of seed plants. Cypriniaceae, Ground Cover Rhododendron Branch, Peony Branch, Peony Branch, Berberidaceae, Rosaceae, Leguminosae, Anthraciaceae, Euonymus, Rhododendron, Zijin Branch, Rhinoceros, Oleaceae, Gramineae, etc. There are many excellent ground cover plants, Ground Cover and many perennial herbaceous and part of the biennial herbaceous plants can also be used for ground, plus ferns, the number should be more than half of the seed plants, but the current application in the garden is very small, And the type of single, the lack of local characteristics. According to the survey data show that the national urban gardens, the commonly used species of plant species is not more than 200 species, and the application of ground cover plants, generally less than 100 species.

The land-based plants are highly resistant to stress,Ground Cover easy cultivation and extensive management, which is an economical and effective way to improve the greening level. The land and plant resources in various regions of the country are so rich. On the basis of the current good development, we should further develop and utilize the wild resources, enrich the landscape and create the local characteristics, and its prospects are broad.

It is also possible to map the ground cover plant in a local area. Such as spring cuckoo, Japanese gardenia, auspicious grass, Ophiopogon japonicus in the forest, Ground Cover the curb and other film plant, giving a full and full, step to change the feeling of change. At the same time, in a large area of monochromatic land such as grass along the grass, auspicious grass and other plants to Phnom Penh broad-leaved Ophiopogon japonicus, macula large white wind grass, leaf spider eggs and other color leaves plant, or lycoris, Ground Cover The winter green herbs are mixed and embellished, which can solve the lusty scenes after monotonous color and plant withering. Ground cover plants and other types of plant configuration, the requirements to maintain a certain height, coordination with the surrounding environment, such as large space using large species of foliage, small scale use of small branches and leaves of the species, Ground Cover the formation of complementary advantages, set off each other. In the clever color processing at the same time, master plant type, variety and other elements in the improvement of the role of the pavement effect.