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Ground Cover Climate Characteristics

Nov 03, 2017

It is a prerequisite for proper allocation to fully understand the site conditions of the planting site and the characteristics of the ground cover used. Site conditions refer to the climatic characteristics of planting land, soil physical and chemical properties, light intensity, Ground Cover humidity and so on. The characteristics of the earthwave include both morphological and biological characteristics.

Evergreen trees (such as sweet-scented osmanthus, Magnolia grandiflora.Cinnamomum) Phi placed under the configuration of garden in recent years is unanimously recognized the problem. These places have a high degree of canopy closure (in some places, the illumination is only 100 lx ~ 200 lx). Ground Cover The lawn grass grows poorly, often resulting in baldness. West Lake Scenic Area in these areas planted ivy, auspicious grass, along step grass, white butterfly, Wu wind grass, creeping light green honeysuckle, stinky peony, lobular Euonymus fortunei and other ground cover plants, they grow strong, dense cover Fan, inhibit the growth of weeds, Ground Cover save management costs, improve the landscape effect.

Signs of wet places can be planted jade class, saxifrage, evergreen, broadleaf allium, Houttuynia and other plants. Instead, they grow poorly under full sunlight, showing stagnation of growth, yellowing of leaves, withered edge of leaves, and impact of landscape effects.

 Sparse forest planted under a grass, the spring stems and leaves green, flowering in May, the yellow flowers embellished in the intensive staggered green leaves, like a green carpet embroidered with blossoming flowers, the winter reddish stems and leaves do not have fun, Buddha A Grass is a kind of evergreen flowering ground cover which is worth popularizing and applying, it has good adaptability and no pests in Hangzhou. Hydrangeas grow well under the sparse forest, flowering season, like a flower of the ocean, intoxicating. Ground Cover Ze eight cents for a little shear is also a good sparse woodland Phi. May blue flowers full of branches, giving people a kind of quiet and comfortable beauty. Sparse forest can be configured in a wide variety of Ridge plants, such as vinca vulgaris, Lycoris, Babao, Fei Cai, concave Sedum Sedum, Sargasso, Chiba and so on.

 Sparse forest light is better. Generally more flowering ground cover plants can be planted, such as the canary tails, hemerocallis, big Coreopsis, mallow Mallow. Scissors Xia Luo and so on.

Lin margin available gold leaf green Lonicera, Jinshan Spiraea, gold leaf barberry, Ground Cover honeysuckle and other bright colors of small shrubs, small vine active atmosphere. Flowers beautiful short crape myrtle, Bush meadowsweet, Japan meadowsweet, tea plum, rose, dye wood, etc. are often Phi use. Perennial native foliage plants such as jade grass, Phyllostachys praecox, Ophiopogon japonicus, gold leaf Carex, oxalis also increase the brilliant edge of the forest edge color. In the edge of the forest can also be arranged perennial flowers, perennial evergreen herbs. Sub-shrubs form a beautiful pattern or a variety of flower border,Ground Cover some solitary or clump of trees, along the step grass, broadleaf mountain Ophiopogon japonicus, Ground Cover Wu wind grass, the Buddha araceae and other evergreen ground cover available For the base planting, creating a natural scenery. Xue Li trees under the tall fire tree Xue Li. Limestone, lobular Euonymus fortunei, Euonymus fortunei, ivy and other growing strong, climbing up the trunk along the trunk, adding the simplicity of the road. Some sparse grassland, many shade-tolerant wild ground cover Laowa petals, dandelion, buttercup, buttercup, snake venom, sac, silk wormwood, Vitex, Huoxue Dan, Ground Cover Corydalis, carved Corydalis, Since Huang Huang and other communities, long flowering, evergreen, Ground Cover has a natural wild, with a coordinated vitality, where people can maximize the participation of nature, and create a unique taste. Wild, raw interest, Ground Cover harmony of taste and harmony, people and nature also reached a tacit understanding.