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Ground Cover Saline Area

Oct 24, 2017

Ground cover plants are those that are dense, low, and can be used to replace lawns on the surface, prevent soil erosion, adsorb dust, purify air, reduce noise, eliminate pollution and have some ornamental and economic value plant.

The seasonal variation of the landscape is evident in the northern region due to climatic conditions, which provides a great deal of space for the selection of terrestrial plants. How to choose the appropriate ground to plant to increase the beauty of the northern landscape, to extend the recreation and viewing period is quite important. There are several aspects of the location of the plantation suitable for the ground cover in the northern garden:

(1) the slope of the garden, the less land from both the green landscaping and maintain the effectiveness of soil and water.

(2) where the cultivation conditions are poor, such as soil erosion, sand and gravel, sunny canopy or lack of light, strong winds, building residues and other places ground cover plants can play a role in eliminating dead ends.

(3) Some places that are not allowed to be trampled can be stopped by plants.

(4) Maintenance management inconvenient place such as water shortage Shearing machine can not enter the branch is very low under the tree and other plots selection coverage ability strong resistance to extensive management of the ground is very appropriate.

(5) places where people are not often concentrated in the corners of the corners or less attractions are not fully extended to the place where the ground cover plants to a certain extent, to make up for the overall landscape of the shortcomings.

(6) for the background of the needs of the scenery, such as sculpture Creek flower bed flower edge trim, available to the plant to strengthen the three-dimensional landscape effect.

(7) where the weeds are rampant can be used to adapt to the strong growth of planted plants to establish a dominant population to inhibit weed breeding. In addition to the garden under the bush shrub under the large selection of negative resistance to the long viewing period long ornamental value and resistance to extensive management of the ground type, not only can increase the landscape effect without spending too much manpower and material resources to maintain, such as Beijing Temple of Heaven Park cypress forest into the film in February Lan, early spring out of the blue flower is very beautiful.

Ground cover plants and lawn plants, can cover the ground, conservation of water, but the ground cover plants have many characteristics of lawn plants:

(1) ground cover plants are small, wide variety, rich variety. Ground plants are branches, leaves, flowers, fruit rich changes, color colorful, seasonal complex and diverse, to create a variety of ecological landscape.

(2) ground cover plants adaptable, fast growth, can be yin, yang, dry, wet a variety of different environmental conditions to grow, make up for the slow growth of trees, the gap between the lower gap, in a short time can be received To a better viewing effect.

(3) ground cover plants in the wood plants are high and low, the level of change, and easy to dry shape modified into a pattern.

(4) reproduction is simple, once kind of species, many years benefit. In the latter part of the conservation and management, the ground cover plants than a single large area of the lawn, less pests and diseases, not easy to breed weeds, extensive management and maintenance, do not need regular pruning and careful care, reducing the cost of artificial conservation.

In many parts of northern China, the amount of salt and alkali in the soil is high, and the salt and alkali tolerant plants are rich in resources, and many have not attracted people's attention. Some of the plants that are suitable for planting in the northern saline-alkali areas are introduced.


Iris Iris is a perennial herb. Distribution in China's North China, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Xinjiang and other regions. Iris adaptability is very strong, resistant to drought, cold, moisture, the soil is not strict. Iris can salt in the salt content of 3% to 4% of the normal growth of saline, and anti-pollution ability is very strong, extensive cultivation and management.


Leguminosae is a perennial herb. Native to Asia Minor and other places, widely introduced in northern China, as pasture cultivation. Jiansheng in sandy soil, drought, cold, salt tolerance, extensive management, suitable for saline-alkali areas as a ground cultivation.


Legume Astragalus is a perennial herb, arid plateau of our country unique plants. In the north, northwest, northeast, southwest and other places are wild. Drought, cold, salt, anti-sand, is an excellent forage and soil and water conservation plants, extensive management.

Wood skin

Chenopodiaceae is a perennial dwarf shrub. In China's Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Tibet are distributed, is the Northwest region of native grass plants. Drought, salt tolerance, cold, can be low temperature in the -40 ℃ winter, green back early, extensive management.