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Ground Cover The Characteristics Of

Oct 25, 2017

The rational allocation of the plant is related to the level of the whole landscape, Ground Cover each plant has a good ornamental effect and poor period of planting, Ground Cover reasonable collocation, can greatly improve the value of ornamental, thus improving the level of plant landscaping.

To fully understand the site conditions of planted land and the characteristics of the plants used are the prerequisite of reasonable allocation. Site condition refers to the climatic characteristics, Ground Cover soil physical and chemical properties, light intensity, humidity and so on. The properties of the Earth-crossing objects include morphological and biological characteristics.

Evergreen trees (such as Osmanthus, Guang Yulan. The distribution of the planting plants in the field is a difficult problem in the garden industry in recent years. These places are relatively high (some local illuminance only $number lx~200 lx), lawn grass grow bad, often cause empty bald. The West Lake Scenic Area grows ivy in these blocks, Ground Cover auspicious grass, along the grass, white butterflies, Big wu wind grass, prostrate technology bright green honeysuckle, smelly peony, leaflets, such as Fu Fang Vine and other plants, Ground Cover they grow strong, cover dense and complex, inhibit the growth of weeds, save management costs, improve the landscape effect.

Levy wet place can be planted Jade Carene class, Tiger ear grass, evergreen, wide-leaf leek, Houttuynia cordata, such as plants. They do not grow well in the whole light, Ground Cover showing stagnation of growth, yellowing of leaves, withered edge of leaves, and effects on landscape.

Under the sparse forest planting the grass, the spring stems and leaves are green, May flowering, yellow flowers dotted in the dense interlaced green leaves, like the green carpet embroidered with flowers, the winter red stems and leaves do not have fun, the Buddha-grass is a kind of evergreen flowering to be widely used plants, good adaptability in Hangzhou, no pests. Eight flowers grow well under the sparse forest, flowering season, Ground Cover like the Sea of flowers, intoxicating. Ze eight slightly as a shearing is also a good sparse woodland phi. May blue flowers bloom in the branches, giving people a quiet and comfortable beauty. Sparse forest can be configured in a wide range of plant species, such as the ivy flower, stone garlic, eight, vegetable, concave Ye Jingtian, Ground Cover vertical basin grass, thousand Yelan and so on.

Forest edge can be used gold leaves bright green honeysuckle, Jinshan embroidered line chrysanthemum, gold leaf berberine, golden pulse honeysuckle, such as bright small shrubs, small vines active atmosphere. Flowers beautiful dwarf crape myrtle, Bush embroidered line chrysanthemum, Ground Cover Japan embroidered line chrysanthemum, tea plum, rose, dye wood, etc. also often wear. Perennial color leaf grass local wrinkle plants, such as jade Belt grass, Phnom Penh wide Hayama, silver edge terrace grass, golden leaf moss grass, purple leaf, the same as the edge of the forest added a gorgeous color. Perennial flowers can also be arranged on forest margins, evergreen herbs. Ground Cover Sub-shrubs composed of beautiful patterns or a variety of flowers, Ground Cover some solitary plant or Cong trees, along the terrace, Broad Hayama, Big Wu wind grass, grass and other evergreen green plants can be used as a base plant, to create natural scenery. The vine-like plant under the Gao tree.