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Ground Cover The Main Value

Oct 13, 2017

Groundcover plants are those strains clump of dense, low, by the simple management can be used to replace the grass cover, prevent water loss and soil erosion in the earth's surface, can absorb dust, purify air, eliminate noise, decrease pollution and has certain ornamental and economic value of plants. It not only includes perennial low-rise herbs, but also some of the more adaptable, low, creeping shrubs and vines. Has certain ornamental groundcover plants, refers to the certain value, the laid in the large area of bare ground or slope, and is suitable for damp forests or forest vacant land cover a variety of environments such as the ground of the perennial herbaceous and low, branches and leaves densely or suppress a volt or half trailing shrubs and vines.

Lawn grass is one of the most familiar ground plants. Using the word "low" in the definition of the ground is a vague concept. And, therefore, some scholars will cover plant height standard as 1 m, and believes that some plants grow in the natural conditions, the plant height more than 1 m, however, they have the trim or seedling resistance characteristics of slow growth, through human intervention, below 1 m height control, can be also regarded as a ground cover.

The main value

Due to the influence of climatic conditions, the seasonal variation of landscape landscape is very obvious, which provides a great space for the application of plant selection. How to choose the right land to add the aesthetic feeling of the northern garden landscape, it is important to extend the recreation and the viewing period. The sites in the northern gardens are suitable for the planting of plants in the following aspects:

(1) the slope of the garden and the less and less of the land are both landscaped and the benefits of retaining soil and water.

(2) where poor cultivation conditions such as poor soil ridge, sandstone, sun canopy closure or insufficient lighting, residual fundamentally strong wind, buildings and other places groundcover plants can have the effect of eliminate blind Angle.

(3) some places which do not permit trample can be prevented by the plant.

(4) where maintenance and management is not convenient, such as the lack of water in the water supply, it is very suitable for the low tree to be able to cover the lower branches of the tree.

(5) where there is not a lot of activity, lots of plots are concentrated in the corner or less scenic areas where the park road is not fully extended. The ground cover can be partially compensated for the deficiency of the overall landscape.

(6) for the purpose of setting off the scenery, such as the sculpture of the flower border of the flower bed, the three-dimensional landscape effect can be enhanced by the plant.

(7) the areas where weeds are rampant can be adapted to strong growth rapidly and the plants artificially build up favorable populations to suppress the growth of weeds. In addition to the botanical garden in the forests and shrubs large clearing choice of negative resistance good ornamental period long high ornamental value and extensive management of resistant variety, not only can increase the landscape effect and does not need to spend a lot of manpower material resources to maintenance, such as Beijing tiantan park under the cypress of February, early spring out of the blue flower is beautiful.

Plants, like lawn plants, can cover the ground and conserve water, but the ground is characterized by a variety of lawn plants.

(1) the plants are small, diverse and rich in variety. The plants' branches, leaves, flowers and fruit are rich and varied, and the seasons are diverse and diverse, creating a variety of ecological landscapes.

(2) the cover plant strong adaptability, fast growth, can be in a variety of Yin and Yang, dry, wet growth under different environmental conditions, make up for the disadvantages of big trees grow slowly, lower level gap, in a short period of time can receive good ornamental effect.

(3) the woody plant in the plant has the high and low, the change of the level, and is easy to dry the modelling to modify the pattern.

(4) reproduction is simple, one species at a time, benefits for many years. On the late maintenance management, cover plant a single large areas of the lawn, fewer pests, not easy to breed of weeds, maintenance management extensive, often repair and careful nursing, do not need to reduce the artificial maintenance effort.

The drought-resistant plants have long evolution and selection, the general root system is developed, the water loss of the leaf surface is small, and the drought resistance is strong. Such as the across, the genus rose, the golden chrysanthemum, etc., even if the anniversary is not watered, it is well suited to the drought area.

It is said that it is difficult for a tree to grow under the shade of trees. The plant can solve the problem of ground cover under the tree and make three-dimensional planting and improve the ecological benefit. Such as luo shi, ivy, fu fang, five taste children, etc., can be planted under the shade tree canopy.

The management of coarse ground is highly adaptable, diseases and pests, and good control. Ability to cover the ground. Compared with the cold season lawn, the management fee is greatly reduced.

The vegetation leaf area is 3 to 10 times the area of the grass area, and the green vision rate is high, which greatly improves the ecological efficiency of green space. At the same time, the plants are vigorous and vigorous. The life of small leaf fu fong and little ziwei is over 10 years.

The green hard ground vine is covered by the spread of the branches of plants can green roof and hard ground, play the role of green coverage, greatly improve the urban green coverage.