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Tarpaulin Cleaning Skills?

Jan 07, 2021

Tarpaulin cleaning skills

When heavy rain comes, we need to cover the cargo with waterproof plastic tarpaulin to prevent rain erosion. But many people were in a mess, the tarp was crumpled, and it did not achieve the desired effect. This is caused by not knowing the rules of using tarpaulins. How to cover the goods quickly and neatly? Tarpaulin manufacturers and wholesalers tell you that you must first introduce the waterproof tarpaulin, and then fix the four corners of the waterproof tarpaulin first. If possible, you can put a cushion under the cargo to achieve waterproofing.

The fixing of the grounding nails should have an inclination angle, and the viewpoint should be 35 to 45 degrees. The distance and direction of the grounding nails entering the ground should be the same strength as the rope. Please follow the fixing sequence and pay attention to the corresponding fixing, for example: first on the left, then on the right Back, front right and back left. After fixing the waterproof tarp, adjust the drawstring to make all aspects of the tension universal. The skirt of the tarp is tied with a rope, which is more conducive to windproof.

Linyi Tarpaulin Factory reminds everyone that when supporting the tarpaulin, in addition to the reliable connection with the tarpaulin rod, special attention should be paid to the pull rope to make the tarp tight, so that the tarpaulin can achieve good rain resistance.