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The Difference Between Waterproof Fabric And Waterproof Fabric

Oct 22, 2019

                     [ LinYi zhengbang ] The difference between waterproof fabric and waterproof fabric

[ LinYi zhengbang ] The difference between waterproof fabric and waterproof fabric

What is the difference between waterproof and splash proof? How do they express in series?

Anti splashing, also known as water dispensing, is called "water residual" in English. It is mostly realized by coating, and usually on the outer layer of the fabric. It means that the fabric surface has a very low surface tension. After the water drops fall, compared with the fabric surface tension, it is very large, which makes the water drop shrink on its own surface and can not be spread out as a ball, so it quickly falls off the fabric in the form of water drops.

Waterproof, the English name is "waterproof". In most cases, laminated (film) materials are used. There are also capsule fiber, compact fabric, silicification and other forms of treatment, which are usually in the inner layer of the fabric.

The specific efficiency can be distinguished from two aspects:

1. Waterproof products shall be more durable and stable in physical and chemical properties than water products. Waterproof products will not fail due to washing and long-term use.

2. The water-proof product shall have higher water pressure resistance index than the water displacement product, generally at least 3000mm. When applied to the specific function of clothing, the main function of water treatment is to reduce the absorption of water by the fabric, so that the water can be "pushed" on the surface of the fabric.

Waterproof treatment is a completely impermeable barrier, no matter whether the fabric absorbs water or not, it will keep water out. Waterproof products are to be tested for water pressure resistance while anti splashing is to be tested for rain. The latter is generally not to be coated. It is a kind of super water splashing assistant, whose main assistant is organic fluorine compound.