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Zhengbang Plastic Signed Sinosure Insurance Policy

Dec 19, 2017

Recently, Zhengbang Plastic Signed Sinosure Insurance Policy to get support for Export Finance Buyer's credit. Sinosure offers coverage against political risks, commercial and credit risks, which means all Zhengbang's products, including tarpaulin, weed barrier, roofing underlayment, aluminum coated fabric, etc, will enjoy a carefree sales and we don't have to worry about the payment. 


By doing so, Zhengbang Plastic receives guarantee for payment risk in doing exporting by the way of L/C, D/P, D/A, or OA, and can offer world wide customers with more extensive service. OA or D/P payment sometimes make the customers' payment at high risk and so the exporters are usually reluctant to receive such payment terms. When the factories buy the Insurance Policy from Sinosure, they don't have to worry about political, commercial or credit risk. When there is payment dispute or risks, Sinosure will pay the exporter first, and help the exporter to settle the issue.

About Sinosure

As the only official export credit insurance agency in China, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) entered into full operation on December 18, 2001. The establishment of SINOSURE is one of the important post-WTO measures taken by the Chinese Government to promote the reform in finance, insurance and foreign trade sectors, especially the Chinese export sector.

SINOSURE's mission is to promote the export of Chinese goods, technology and services. SINOSURE's product range includes export credit insurance, export finance, buyers credit consultation, accounts receivable management, etc. Over the coming years, SINOSURE will play an increasingly important role in the economic development of China.