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Open Position - Foreign Trade Sales

We are well aware of the importance of talent for the enterprise. Our foreign trade team is eager for talent and the door is always open for you.

The work you need to do:

1. Accept the company's training on foreign trade and products, as soon as possible from the budding foreign trade to grow into a veteran; or you experienced in foreign trade, also. New colleagues can be trained.

2. Organizing and learning about products and production.

3. Maintenance of the company's website, maintenance of the company's SNS account.

4. Handle customer inquiries. We must learn to investigate customer background, negotiate with customers, make a professional quotation, and keep negotiation records for taking orders.

5. Do the follow-up of orders and customer service, keep all the documents and organize archives.

We expect you to.

1. Have college education and above (high school or middle school graduates are also OK, but we will also consider it if you are very hard working), and we don't care what major you are learning.

2. Knowledge of English, and it would be a plus if you have knowledge of non-English languages.

3. Can operate office software.

4. Maintain a continuous learning mentality, willing to learn new knowledge and new skills at any time, and have the courage to explore the unknown.

5. Maintain the mentality of ready to fight, and get up in the midnight to reply your clients.

6. Foreign trade is not a one-man battle, we need your team spirit.

We can provide you with.

 1. Basic salary + generous performance commissions.

 2.To buy social security for you, so that you can put your mind at ease and worry-free into work.

 3.To provide you with vocational skills training, let you grow as soon as possible.

招聘信息 - 外贸业务员



1、 接受公司关于外贸和产品的培训,尽快从外贸萌新成长为老手;或者你外贸经验丰富,也可以培训新入行的同事们;

2、 整理、学习产品和生产知识;

3、 维护公司网站(就是灌灌水),维护公司SNS账号(还是灌灌水),多想一些能够让公司形象高大上的点子;

4、 客户发询盘的时候,要学会调查客户背景,与客户谈判,做一份专业的报价表,做好客户谈判记录,争取拿下订单;

5、 做好订单的后续跟踪和客户服务,保留好所有的文件并整理存档;

6、 领取业务提成(划重点)。












1、 底薪+优厚的业绩提成;

2、 为你购买社保,让你安心无忧地投入工作;

3、 为你提供职业技能培训,让你尽快成长;

如果感兴趣,请发邮件到 amber@zbtarpaulin.com,或者微信/手机:186 1539 0101