Needle Punch Woven Ground Cover, 5 Oz,Weed Control Mat,Ground Cover ,Geotextile, Landscape Fabric

Needle Punch Woven Ground Cover, 5 Oz,Weed Control Mat,Ground Cover ,Geotextile, Landscape Fabric
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Zhengbang Plastic's woven, needle punched, polypropylene ground cover is designed for professional and commercial use.The Poly Woven Ground Cover is constructed of 100% virgin high UV Polypropylene for long life.


The woven substrate is needle punched with fibers to create a “fuzzy” texture on the surface, making this fabric an ideal choice to keep decorative covers (mulches or stone) in place, and is used for controlling weed growth and retains moisture.The function of non-woven material is to increase water permeability.


Our ground cover conserves soil moisture, increases plant growth, and prevents unwanted weeds from germinating. 12" stripes can be green, blue, yellow or any color you want, and are located at certain interval for easier plant spacing and alignment.



Allows air and ater flow through, restrict weed growth

Easy to cut and install

Resists rotting and degradation.

UV resistant, excellent strength and toughness

Air,water and nutrients Permeable

Light blocking

Conserves soil moisture

Environmentally friendly

Striped for easy plant alignment

Available Sizes:

3',4',5',6' x 300' — UPS Shippable

10' x 300' — Motor Freight Only

12' x 300' — Motor Freight Only


4.1 oz (140 gram/m2)

5 oz   (170 gram/m2)



Garden Centers


Rock Gardens

Shrubbery Areas

Ordering Information

FCL order can be processed from our China factory. For LCL order from US customers, our warehouse in California can arrange the shipment.

If you're looking for the high quality needle punch woven ground cover, 5 oz,weed control mat,ground cover ,geotextile, landscape fabric made in China, welcome to consult the price list and the quotation with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you excellent service and fast delivery.